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How to Deal with a Knocked Out Tooth

My son or daughter knocked out a tooth, what should I do now?

Knocking out a tooth from an accident can be scary and traumatic for both the individual as well as the parent. Time is of the essence and it is important to take immediate action at the scene of the accident. Here is a description of what you can do to help preserve the tooth.

First, find the tooth, then verify that the tooth is permanent. Primary (baby) teeth should not be replanted. Hold the tooth by the crown (The part of the tooth that you normally see) and AVOID touching the root. If the root is dirty, gently rinse with cold water, saline or milk for 10 seconds. Do NOT rub or scrub the tooth. For the best immediate treatment, have the individual or parent reposition the tooth into the socket. If you are unable to put the tooth back in or reposition the tooth, carry the tooth in your mouth, just inside your cheek. Other solutions for transport to our office include storing the tooth in milk, saliva or saline. AVOID storing in water or letting the tooth dry out. Call our office immediately and get here as quickly (and safely) as possible.

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