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I had a great experience with Magnuson Dental Design. Dr. Magnuson and his staff were so great to work with, and I really appreciate that they took the time to go through all the different options (even numerous times). Dr. Magnuson truly did an excellent job, I love my new smile!

I love to ski but when you fall and chip your front teeth, it’s not too much fun! I thought I would have to have broken front teeth for the rest of my life. But Dr. Magnuson fixed me up! He put porcelain veneers on my front teeth and now no one can tell that they aren’t my natural teeth. I’m really happy I had it done.

After working with Dr. Brett Magnuson and watching my new beautiful smile emerge, it made me realize just how important a nice smile is and how it affects people. Having beautiful teeth makes you want to smile all the time and as an elementary school teacher, that is an extremely valuable asset. I recommend Dr. Magnuson to everyone!

As a Developer, I meet with clients and colleagues daily. The old crowns and broken edges of my teeth always bothered me but, Dr. Magnuson has changed all that with porcelain veneers. I now smile with confidence and am amazed at all the compliments I receive.

All my life I was “blessed” with two protruding front teeth and was always told by well-meaning friends and family that my smile was just “me”, even though I wanted straighter teeth.

After sustaining a chipped front tooth, I made the decision to have veneers on four front teeth – a decision I only wish I had made sooner! I love the subtle, yet definite change and now smile with much more confidence. I even receive compliments from total strangers on my beautiful teeth, and – thanks to Dr. Brett – my smile is “me”, only BETTER!

I’ve always had nice teeth and now I have beautiful teeth and I am so proud to show off my fantastic new smile. Dr. Magnuson is not just a great cosmetic dentist, he is an artist.

I “owe” my smile to Dr. Magnuson! I am delighted each time I’m told how beautiful and white my teeth are!! I am most pleased with my upper front veneers. In addition, my remaining teeth have been enhanced by Dr. Magnuson’s recommended whitening process.

Prompt attention has been given to any dental concern I’ve had, as well as needed repair. Dr. Magnuson takes ample time to listen, to examine, and then after detailed explanation, offers all treatment options available.

The atmosphere in the Dental Office is most welcoming, from the front office workers, to the dental assistants, to the hygienists, and of course, Dr. Magnuson.

I am a most appreciative patient of 20+ years!!

The standard of success in life is in the amount of joy that you feel. Your power is in the moment and I carry this feeling of well-being with me in my smile each minute of the day. I attribute much of my assurance in life to the creative skills of Magnuson Dental Design.

A desire in my life was to acquire a confident smile which was achieved through the perfectionism of Dr. Magnuson’s abilities. This has allowed me to transform my appearance and empower my life. Now I have a contagious smile and I highly recommend that you get one too!

Dr. Magnuson, you are truly a smile artist and I’m delighted that I found you. Your meticulous work has made a significant impact on my smile. Your work is phenomenal and I appreciate, more than anything, that you are a perfectionist. Thank you and your staff for all that you’ve done and continue to do for me.

As a child, I had experienced some horrific dental experiences; so when Dr. Magnuson suggested doing the prep work for my upper teeth at one sitting, I was filled with trepidation. I did not need to worry. Magnuson Dental Design’s staff gave me complete care with no physical discomfort. The result is beautiful. I can not tell you how many times people remark how beautiful my teeth and smile are. I thank them; but I am really thanking Magnuson Dental Design. Thank you! I will recommend you to everyone who wants quality work.

I absolutely love to smile. It is such a joy to be able to completely express my happiness without having any worries or self-concerns, and it’s thanks to Dr. Magnuson’s office that I now have that confidence. It has been a couple of years since the work on my teeth was done, and I still am perfectly satisfied and content. My teeth are straight, even, and white, and I couldn”t be happier. There really isn’t anything that could replace the feeling of knowing that my smile now brings a smile to others.

I have been a patient of Dr. Magnuson for years now and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. An imperfection in my front teeth kept me from smiling for years and after consulting with Dr. Magnuson I have the smile of my dreams. I am thrilled every time I hear how beautiful my smile is.

The entire staff at Magnuson Dental is wonderful and they always make you feel welcome and that you are the most important patient they will be seeing.

Two years ago I was in an accident two weeks before my wedding and knocked out my four front teeth and shattered several bones in my face. Dr. Magnuson rearranged his schedule and saw me immediately. Dr. Magnuson went above and beyond and prepared a bridge for my wedding…. and has seen me through the process of rebuilding my smile. Jill and Mary in the office are FANTASTIC and assisted my wife and I in all of the complicated insurance paperwork associated with my accident. I cannot express how wonderful this office is to work with and how much Dr. Magnuson and his staff cares about each and every customer they see. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. Thank you to all of the staff at Magnuson Dental Design!

More than I bargained for…like many others who experienced an accident and the humility of it all. Dr. Brett Magnuson made the reconstruction process a truly fantastic experience. He offered options up front so I could decide which path best fit my life and my future. He worked around my professional schedule providing fewer and longer appointments. On more than one occasion he and his assistants worked through their lunch and made my appointment the best as it could be. Each phase gave me appreciation for Dr. Magnuson’s comfort and skill. Dr. Brett Magnuson…thanks you for my smile!

For many years my husband, Steve, felt self-conscious about his smile. We’d met with several dental specialists and while they all had different ideas, he wasn’t convinced any of them would be able to give him the beautiful smile he wanted. Because Steve works with the public, he was also concerned that excessive dental work would affect his speech.

Dr. Magnuson was able to address every issue. He took the time necessary to explain each and every step of the lengthy procedures, complete with computer-generated before and after photos. Steve was still skeptical, but Dr. Magnuson assured him he would make it happen!

Having now completed the process my husband couldn’t be happier. His speech is perfectly normal, and I keep encouraging him to smile, as he still can’t believe what a wonderful transformation Dr. Magnuson gave him!

Let’s face it – trips to the dentist usually aren’t fun…..but at Magnuson Dental Design it’s different. Every single employee you encounter is pleasant and friendly, it is evident they all care about what they do and care about their patients. Besides the fabulous work that Dr. Magnuson does, he takes time to answer any questions you have and explains everything: pros/cons, and everything in between that may or may not end up happening just so you are well informed. His office is state of the art. He does not settle for ‘good enough’, he is a perfectionist (which I love) and will ensure that you get the best results possible. The work I’ve had done has made me feel more confident, and has given me reason to proudly smile any chance I can. I cannot recommend them highly enough! You will not be disappointed! – Gina R. – Kalamazoo

Happy New Year! I am thrilled with my new smile, it has changed my life. The process was long with many steps, but the final results are perfection! Thank-you all!

Teri, Happy New Year to you too! Thank you so much for sharing. I am so glad you are pleased. Its heart felt expressions like yours that are impossible for me to describe when I initially talked to you about your treatment.

Bridge – Teri, 53 – Kalamazoo

I am pleased to have the opportunity to write a testimonial for my dentist, Brett Magnuson, DDS. As a patient for an extended number of years, I have entrusted my oral health and redesign/construction of dental needs to Dr. Magnuson. I know him to be a true professional dedicated to his patients in the setting of a contemporary dental practice. Dr. Magnuson and his staff provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to the nitro (to calm my nerves prior to an invasive procedure), Dr. Magnuson possesses a unique ability to verbalize exactly what will happen (what he is doing) prior to , and while he is performing any procedure. Knowing what will happen prior to it occurring is comforting to me. I am always impressed with the depth of his knowledge and the detailed level care he employs in treatment.

Porcelain Veneers and Crowns – Ruth, 47 – Kalamazoo

Just wanted to share with you a patients post on Magnuson Dental Design FB page. “I continue to send my thanks to Dr. Magnuson and his staff…Today while shopping, a complete stranger came up to me and said” my you have a beautiful smile”. I spent so many years hiding the smile inside of me, that I don’t even realize that I smile all the time now!!!! Thank you, Thank you!”

Dr. Magnuson and Staff, what a wonderful group of people! Our family is beyond fortunate to have such a solid group of professionals taking good care of us . . . the way you treat your patients is a true reflection of what a good and humble soul you have. I love the way you and any assistant prep the patient for what’s coming next . . . You are a gifted soul.

Thank You!

Ruth H. – Kalamazoo, MI

“Thank you Dr. Magnuson . . . my son was married in December and he has always said, Mom I want you to be able to have a beautiful smile when I get married. Well, Dr. Magnuson you made my son’s dream com true!!!!! Thank you so much!”

Tooth Replacement – Victoria, 57 – Coldwater

I am excited about what my snoring appliance has done for me! I was keeping my wife awake . . . not anymore! I was able to get rid of the mask and hose of the machine as well.

Snoring Appliance – Bill, 53 – Kalamazoo

I would like to thank Brett and his team for painless, wonderful and great dental work that has improved my smile, comfort and self-esteem.  My husband and I have been going to Brett for many years and have not been disappointed.  The implants that replaced my partials are great.  Wished I had done it sooner.

Implants – Joy, 69 – Lawton

I never realized there was such a thing as ‘oral discrimination’, but I’ve learned firsthand that doors open after cosmetic dentistry. Having had many problems with my teeth, I searched for the right cosmetic dentist before choosing Brett Magnuson. At our first meeting Dr. Magnuson gave me so many options I knew I was in skilled hands. We discussed the best course of action and it didn’t take me long to say ‘Go for it’. And let me tell you, what a difference my now beautiful smile has made in my life! Friends are amazed, my family astonished, and people tell me I look ten years younger. I never imagined a smile could open so many doors! But since Dr. Magnuson transformed my smile, I am living proof. Even complete strangers will say ‘You have the most beautiful smile’ or ‘You must have taken care of your teeth all your life’. Little do they know my smile is a direct result of Dr. Magnuson’s magnificent work. I can not thank you enough.

Smile Makeover – Leesa, 47 – California

I want to thank you for the superb job you did with my front veneers. I had no idea that changing my entire smile could be so easy or look so natural. What has been most remarkable is how good I feel about myself now when I smile. Previously, I was aware that my teeth were crooked and yellow, and I felt embarrassed to smile. I tried to avoid opening my mouth when meeting people or having pictures taken of me. Everyone must have thought I was quite a serious person. No one seemed to know exactly what was different, but they could certainly see a big change: an open, frequent smile. I like to smile now. I no longer feel I have something to hide when I greet people. I have increased self-confidence based on an improved self-image. Because I smile more, people see me as happier and more approachable. I learned one of life’s little secrets: a smile usually begets another smile. I would urge you to encourage other patients to consider veneers. They have made a tremendous difference in my life.

Porcelain Veneers – Don, 51 – New Jersey

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