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I never realized there was such a thing as ‘oral discrimination’, but I’ve learned firsthand that doors open after cosmetic dentistry. Having had many problems with my teeth, I searched for the right cosmetic dentist before choosing Brett Magnuson. At our first meeting Dr. Magnuson gave me so many options I knew I was in skilled hands. We discussed the best course of action and it didn’t take me long to say ‘Go for it’. And let me tell you, what a difference my now beautiful smile has made in my life! Friends are amazed, my family astonished, and people tell me I look ten years younger. I never imagined a smile could open so many doors! But since Dr. Magnuson transformed my smile, I am living proof. Even complete strangers will say ‘You have the most beautiful smile’ or ‘You must have taken care of your teeth all your life’. Little do they know my smile is a direct result of Dr. Magnuson’s magnificent work. I can not thank you enough.

Smile Makeover – Leesa, 47 – California

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