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I want to thank you for the superb job you did with my front veneers. I had no idea that changing my entire smile could be so easy or look so natural. What has been most remarkable is how good I feel about myself now when I smile. Previously, I was aware that my teeth were crooked and yellow, and I felt embarrassed to smile. I tried to avoid opening my mouth when meeting people or having pictures taken of me. Everyone must have thought I was quite a serious person. No one seemed to know exactly what was different, but they could certainly see a big change: an open, frequent smile. I like to smile now. I no longer feel I have something to hide when I greet people. I have increased self-confidence based on an improved self-image. Because I smile more, people see me as happier and more approachable. I learned one of life’s little secrets: a smile usually begets another smile. I would urge you to encourage other patients to consider veneers. They have made a tremendous difference in my life.

Porcelain Veneers – Don, 51 – New Jersey

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